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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 8, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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well. we have news conferences coming in the next hour from the top states affected. i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live in new york. newsroom international starts now. welcome to cnn newsroom. we're following two major stories right now. first of course a major blizzard closing in on new york and new england. could be a record breaking event. we could see more than 2 feet of snow in some areas. we're talking about huge drifts, high winds, flooding along the east coast, as well. live coverage just moments away. we're also following this big story. this is out of california. first of all, a faullse alert i the massive manhunt for chris forever dorner. police say a tip about a possible sighting of the accused killer was likely just a hoax before hundrhoax.
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hundred wills of officers are shooting for this guy who is now seeking revenge on the lapd for firing him.wills of officers ar shooting for this guy who is now seeking revenge on the lapd for firing him. dorner is accused of killing three people already, including a police officer and retired officer's caught. he declared war on the police officers and we'll have a press conference regarding that just moments away. and of course also covering the major storm from all angles. we'll begin with the city that will get hit first, that is new york. alison kosik, do we understand if they're prepared? lost her. we'll go to susan candiotti in boston, another place the storm is hitting. we know there will be a lot, a lot, a lot of snow. are they ready? >> reporter: to put it bluntly, i think they are, we certainly hope they are. the city hopes bostonians are. certainly they and new englanders are used to huge nor'easters and blizzards like
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this. 35 years ago, you had the storm of '78, when they had more than 27 inches. this could rival those record amounts. we'll have to see what happens. but as of now, noontime is zero hour. a snow emergency has gone into effect and now people are being told that's it, get off the streets. if your car is there, it's going to ghettet towed. so certainly if take you a look at the store shelf, they are empty. it is clear that people have been fwg out within the last 24, 48 hours since these warnings began. buying all kinds of essential supplies, including nonperishable foods, water, batteries flashlight, maybe portable radios, make egg sure their batteries are charged, making slur they have cash on hand, making sure that they he their tanks filled up with gas. and of course all kinds of snow equipment also is at the ready. they have more than 43,000 tons
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of salt ready to hit the road. so people here are bracing for that big storm and as you can see, the snow is not too bad right now. it's not expected to pick up until the sun goes down. >> we've covered boston many years. they're used to this kind of weather. but this could break the record back in 1978, is that right? >> reporter: it's entirely possible. they're saying more than 2 feet, could be up to 3 feet in some areas. and really powerful winds. 30 miles per hour and gusts of possibly 40, 50, 60. it's hard to predict at this stage. but again, they're telling everyone to be prepared for the worst. >> all right. thanks. want to bring in alison kosik. tell us how new york looks. >> reporter: you know what, what's interesting, i've been out here since 6:00 a.m. this morning and we got a pretty good amount of snow this morning. then there was a lull. and now it feels like something
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is coming in again. we're still getting the wet slushy snow, the kind that makes you fall on the sidewalks. there are a lot of folks out here salting the sidewalk. the wind is picking up. clearly there's not a keti incof know, but if the forecasts are any indication, this area should be covered in about 24 hours with snow. >> are they ready? you know new yorkers. they're indoor creatures. are they ready for a lot of snow? the last time super storm sandy did a lot of damage for folks. some are still trying it to put their lives back together. all right. alison kosik. we lost her. i understand that there is a press conference out of connecticut. this is the -- i believe the governor dan malloy will be speaking to reporters. >> -- with the amount that is possible, it is very important
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that we keep the roads open. if there are any elderly people who live next to you in the state of connecticut, we ask that you check in on them, make sure that they're okay. again, we remind people, if you do switch to generator power, make sure that generator is vented outside of the house. and likewise if we get large accumulations stacking up against house and your heating system vents to the side of the house as opposed for tto the ro you need to keep the vent clear, as well. we will convene another meeting of state officials at 5:00 p.m., a meeting of local officials at 5:30. and we will be available to you all again at 6:00. with that, i'll take some questions. >> talking about road closures, you can explain what that will mean when and if it happens some for instance you have people probably went to work this morning, nothing was really
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happening. and they need to get home. >> and that is exactly the reason that over two hours ago, we noticed people through you all that the roads could be closed at any point after 12:00 p.m. today. we're not doing that at the moment because we're not at the point where that's required. and we do want to coordinate or activities with massachusetts and new york. and we're constantly conferencing on this issue. if you're not already on the road to get home, you should be. we certainly have warned everybody enough. and these things are not hard. we don't park a car at every entrance and exit and stop every vehicle. but the message has to be clear that emergency personnel are those people who are completing travel, for instance, that they just started, are the only people who should be on the highway. if you're leaving your house to get on the highway for go buy milk -- >> and the los angeles police department about it hold a news
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conference here. this is in searching for christopher dorner, the cop who has gone on a shooting rampage. >> we'll continue searching until either we discover that he left the mountain or we find him. one of the two. [ inaudible question ]. >> we don't have any evidence to suggest that he is or is not. we're continuing to search. >> is it a matter of playing it safe? because there's been plenty of time to get out of here. >> certainly there has been time to get out of here, but we're not sure if he has left. there are a number of places up on the mountain that we haven't got to yet that we're continuing to search. [ inaudible question ]. >> we have some great partners. we have a snow cat. we put our s.w.a.t. guys in the snow cat as well as armored personnel carriers. we put chains on. we're up on the mountain roads with those pieces of equipment. >> how many homes have you searched so far? >> we have searched the entire area that's within this close proximity. i can't tell you the number of
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homes that we've searched. >> because schools are open -- [ inaudible question ]. >> we have no evidence. we've had a couple reported sightings, but couldn't prove the leads. so we have no information that he's come down into the community at all. >> because schoolses are open and the ski resort, does that sh show a certain level of confidence? >> the schools are closed today. we were prepared to put police officers at each school, but the school district chose to close the schools today due to the weather and i'm not sure what else. >> what you can tell us about the car? have you had any evidence or anything new after looking over it, the truck in. >> we're continuing to process the car with our partners with irvine, los angeles and riverside. we're all partnered together and the truck is being processed in riverside. we're still inventorying all of it. we'll get that out in a little bit once we determine what all is inside the vehicle. [ inaudible question ].
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>> -- obviously dangerous. -- see him face to face. >> and i had the conversation with or folks right before they went out in our briefing this morning, it's extremely dangerous. i explained to them to be very careful. p but our folks are highly trained. we have the right equipment here. and we have the support of the board of supervisors. i just got off the phone with congressman paul cook, he's willing to do anything he can. but i will tell you that our partnerships are great. the fbi, everybody is working with us. we're working side by side to help solve this. >> did the search go throughout the night last night? >> yes. we continued driving around the neighborhoods, we didn't go door to door after midnight, but we continued driving around in the neighborhoods. >> is the suspect familiar with this area at all, whether he's been to the ski resort, whether he ladhad a cabin? >> we're not sure, but we're still working with our partners on that information. >> any evidence before he came he prepared for the weather, did
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he go to any store, buy a tent or whatever? >> we don't have any information that that happened yet. >> does it feel like a dead end? >> i can't tell at this point. we're going to continue to search primarily up in the mountain area to make sure. there's a the lot of cabins up there that are abandoned. we want to make sure he didn't find a place to hide out for the night. once we exhaust that we'll continue to reevaluate what we're going to do next. [ inaudible question ]. >> we're continuing to search in the area where the truck was located and up on the mountain above that. [ inaudible question ]. >> that is completely unrelated. no truth that he was in the white lexus in barstow. [ inaudible question ]. >> we're unable to use the
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helicopters because of the weather right now. [ inaudible question ]. >> we're continuing to search just like we did yesterday. our folks just have different clothes and boots on, but we'll continue regardless of the weather. we have the equipment we need to get up on top of the mountain and our folks have the clothing they need to get through this weather. [ inaudible question ]. >> the equipment is what i talked about before. we have snow cats forget us up there, our arrest mowered personnel carriers have chains on them and that's how we're getting our folks up on top of the hill. >> what can you tell us about tracks leading away from his truck, how long it you see these, et cetera? >> we saw the tracks as i indicated last night, we followed those tracks around through the forest. we haven't found any new information to suggest the tracks are going any specific area. >> did you believe those were his, though? >> it would indicate that they are. >> and how long did you follow these tracks for, half mile? >> until we lost them.
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[ inaudible question ]. >> they did lead around in that wooded area where the truck was found. we continued to follow them until we lost them where the ground got frozen. we couldn't continue to track. as it relates to the people in this community, i told you once before our primary concern is to make sure that these folks in this community are safe. we brought additional resources from other areas in the county to help pa control this area. we're doing everything we possibly came to make these folks feel safe and do what we can to catch this guy. >> you had about 125 personnel yesterday? >> yeah, we have over 100 again today. [ inaudible question ]. >> amongst our folks? [ inaudible question ]. >> our people are trained to deal with incidents like this. we're doing the pebest we can a our folks are out there doing
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everything they can can to catch the guy and it's their primary mission as well number one to be safe, but number two to catch this guy. >> what's the estimated cost so far in the search? [ inaudible question ]. >> certainly creates tension, but this business is not always safe. our folks are highly trained. and this is what we train for. thank you guys. >> that was the sheriff there, and of course he is giving us an update on the massive manhunt for charles dorner. he is saying that they're in big bear area, about a two hour drive away from l.a., that you can see that there is a lot of snow, heavy snow, that they were actually able to follow some tracks from his vehicle at some point overnight, but they lost those tracks because of the frozen conditions on the ground. but he is reassuring folks there asking questions, reporters and others who are very concerned in that community, that they are trying to search for him, that they have the manpower and the
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equipment to go up those mountains, even in those snowy conditions to look for him. some of the things specifically are going through abandoned cabins where he could possibly be hiding. as you can imagine, it continues to snow there. he says that they have the clothing and some of the vehicles that are required to get up in that kind of mountainous terrain to continue the manhunt. schools are closed in part because of the weather. there is still a ski resort apparently open, but he says christopher dorner is extremely dangerous, he suggests people stay inside. they will continue this manhunt until they find him. and of course we are following another breaking news story. and this is going to impact so many people. potentially millions of folks on the east coast. you have two storms colliding to
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listen to the directions from emergency personnel. if instructed to stay off the roads during the height of the storm or to evacuate your home ahead of flooding conditions, do it and do it quickly. make sure you have basic food supplies and medications on hand. >> that was governor of massachusetts, deval patrick, warning folks in his state at least to take precautions ahead of this massive blizzard. we also want to bring in general russell. you're a go-to guy when it comes to sgas ter prdisaster preps. what have we learned from super storm sandy? >> the impact of the storm in this case is snow and a blizzard, but the second and third on effects, this thing will turn the power out. and when the power goes out, it sets back the way we live 80 years. no electricity, no running water, no heat. and that is the thing people need to be prepared for. >> so what do you do if you're
12:19 pm
in the path of this blizzard? >> well, you right now while you have time prepare. make sure you have food and water. make sure you can connect with your neighbors. make sure you have a way that you can fight hypothermia, with blankets and with some alternate heating system. and be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning. we lose people every year because they turn heaters on without proper ventilation and they die from carbon monday o b poisoning. >> so should you be powering your cell phone, should you be buying batteries, should you make sure you have some sort of radio as a backup system? because i think that's the thing that most people are really worried about is losing communication. that seems to be the most disturbing thing about super storm sandy. people were no longer able to talk to each other for days. >> right.
12:20 pm
you've stated it well. and then check on your neighbors and collaborate your resources. you may not have a rooradio, bu your neighbor might. how do you look out for the most vulnerable population that are our neighbors or people on your street. and prepare now and get those resources and start managing them. particularly water. make sure you've stored water because if the power go out, you may not be able forget water into your home or for the apartment where you're living. so be prepared right now is key. as well as have a few days supply of medicine on hand. remember, the worst case scenar scenario, the power could go out and you could be days with the roads closed and no access to the key medications that you need. and if you're traveling in the car, make sure you have a blanket, a capability to charge your phone, and you hurry up and get off the road and stay off the road if at all possible. >> general, how much of that stuff do you really need?
12:21 pm
people, they don't run to to the store and people sometimes they laugh, they think we're all panicking because you're buying milk and bread and that kind of thing. but specifically like how much water should you have, bottled water, how much food should you have? what should you have right now to prepare for possibility the worst? >> well, for a long time we said three days supply. what we've come to learn is three to five days supply. particularly if you're in a congested area like in the new york area, when the roads close and the power go out in the large population, it may take days to get those supply chains back open, we also making sure you have gasoline in your car so when the road's open, you can leave. so that preparation will pay off in the long run. and you know what, if it doesn't get bad, if doesn't happen, no problem. but being prepared can save your life and the life of a neighbor or a family member if you are prepared. >> all right. general, thanks as always. travelers across the country,
12:22 pm
they're watching those -- actually watching the schedules. they look at the boards and you see canceled for a lot of those flights. we have more than 2,000 already canceled. dozens of airports across the country. want to bring in saine asher. i just made it just in time last night. what does the big board look like now? >> reporter: a lot of flights simply canceled. individual airlines are canceling all their flights. united airlines, jetblue, stopping all flights in and out of new york city at 3:00. american airlines stopping all flights out of new york city at 4:00. bringing the total to 3600 flights canceled. i'll give you a break down. laguardia, 300 flights canceled. jfk, 400 flights canceled. newark by far topping the list with 700 flights canceled. so if you are planning on leaving the new york city area
12:23 pm
this weekend, you are slowly beginning to run out of travel options. let me show you the board behind me. on the left, those are the arrivals. pretty much every single arrival flight completely canceled. and departures pretty much the same thing. apart from a couple of flights in to cleveland and into raleigh, north carolina. i spoke with some people who didn't want for take any chances. so what they did is they called the airlines yesterday and they were able to make travel arrangements to leave new york city early this morning. for those of who you vice president been so lucky, just make sure you call the airline in advance if you are planning on traveling today. a lot of these airlines are being very generous and very flexible with people in terms of allowing them to make alternative travel arrangementses without charging them extra fees. >> do we know what they're doing with those who are stranded at the airport? >> reporter: i mean, there are some people here i've spoke to who don't know what they're
12:24 pm
going to do. but a lot of people are ftrying to make other travel arrangements. but in terms of trains, there are problems, as well. a lot of trains especially with amtrak canceling. at 1:00, amtrak will cancel all trains leaving penn station heading north. so pretty much a dismal day for travelers in the new york city area. >> looks like you're stuck, out of luck if you're in there. thank you. appreciate it. we're following another story, somebody hacking into the private e-mails of the bush family. secret service wants to know of course who did this. investigators, they're not saying much yet, but a bunch of private family messages, photo, phone numbers, popped up on a gossip website last night. one of the private family pictures actually shows former president george h.w. bush in a hospital bed where he recently spent several weeks. >> and in chicago, a funeral is taking place tomorrow for a teenager who became a symbol of the fight against gun violence.
12:25 pm
the first lady michelle obama will be attending. the teen was gunned down in a park just a week after performing with her school band at the president's inauguration. the honor student was apparently caught in the crossfire. first lady described as heartbroken over her death. and we are also watching of course winds gusting close to hurricane strength. could be blowing blinding through the northeast. more live coverage of the monster storm straight ahead.
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official good-bye for leon panetta. the pentagon sends the boss off with a formal ceremony happening today, even though he is likely to be on the job for at least another couple of weeks. panetta spoke yesterday before congress, said there will always an debate over how much military power to put around the world. >> united states military, as i've said, is not and frankly should not be a 911 service capable of arriving on the scene within minutes to every possible contingency around the world. u.s. military has neither the
12:29 pm
resources nor the responsibility to have a firehouse next to every u.s. facility in the world. >> former senator chuck hagel has been nominated to replace panetta. that confirmation vote continues and has been postponed. a look at this massive crowd that filled the streets in tunisia. this was a public funeral of an opposition leader shot dead outside his home wednesday. thousands of grieving and angry folks marching with his coffin to a cemetery. many believe it was a political assassination. riot police have violently put down several public demonstrations since that shooting. and of course getting back to california, one of our main stories here, the hunt for the former cop now a murder suspect. christopher dorner accused of killing three people around l.a. and declaring war on the entire lapd in a rampage seeking revenge for being fired. casey wian is with us from los
12:30 pm
angeles, and paul would ybuchan big bear. paul, i want to start off with you because we heard from the sheriff there and they continue the search even though the weather is pretty bad in big bear. they lost his tracks because the ground is frozen. so how are they pursuing this? >> reporter: well, they're continuing their search in this area. a number of law enforcement officers are also going in and around on snow cats. they've gone door to door. they've hit at least 400 homes or so they said last night. they've warned the people in this area not to open their doors unless they know who is knocking or unless it's a uniformed law enforcement officer. let me tell you about the snow and the conditions. in one way it hinders the search, but if you look behind me, they expect 6 to 8 inches of snow today. one thing that could help them, i was talking off camera to a member of the search party, and he said the freshness of the snow could help because that way
12:31 pm
they could easily detect the tracks. as you pointed out, it was the san bernardino county sheriff who said they had his tracks for a while, but they lost it in the hard frozen snow. so it could be that the light snow does indeed help them. shy also say one of their big concerns is that he wants to go out in a blaze of glory. that really has them fearful. so you're seeing that the officers are hyper vigilant right now up on this mountain, big bear, the last known place where they saw clues relating to dorner. >> and, paul, two things here. we heard from the sheriff, he said, first of all that they might be looking at those abandoned cabins up in the mountains, but he also talked about a ski resort. is that ski resort still open? >> the one right behind me is clearly closed and not operating right now. i don't know if you can see off in the distance. we'll try to give you a shot. the lifts are up there. so that resort is closed as they
12:32 pm
continue the search. as we said, they're going all around this mountain. people have a stereotype of southern california sometimes in other parts of the country, but this is indeed a winter wonderland. and it's making it difficult obviously for law enforcement officers to get around. but as i said before, they think this fresh snow will help them if he's still up here because it will be easier to follow tracks that way. >> let's bring in casey outside the police station in hollywood. and i imagine this really hits pretty close to home for a lot of these guys who are the tar gets of his wrath, essentially that he said he'll go after those guys seeking revenge on them and their families in and out of uniform. what is the tone, what is the tenor, what do people feel? >> reporter: well, paul just used the term hyper vigilant because of that search happening where he is. he is up in the big bear community. we're nearly 100 miles away in hollywood outside a police station and you can see what's going on here over my right
12:33 pm
should dwer, you can see those police cars that have blocked off this street to through traffic. they want to make sure that no unauthorized people are getting through here and possibly targeting law enforcement officers here. police departments throughout southern california have also issued orders that their officers not travel in their made control cars alone. they're going out at least two at a time for their own protection. and of course the reason why, this vendetta that was publish willed in this manifesto by this suspect, he said that he wants a public apology from the los angeles police department, charlie beck the current chief of the lapd says his claims about being fired unjustly have been thoroughly investigated and that there will be no apology. >> all right. casey, thanks. keep us posted on how things are going there. we are also following of course big weather story. thousands of canceled flights. making it tough to get out of major cities. this is all up and down the east coast. we'll tell you who is affected, going to have live coverage.
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so there are some a-list celebrities whose private phones were hacked. they're now getting paid by rupert murdoch's company. hugh grant is just one of them. and even sarah ferguson among the 144 people collecting a legal settlement from news corp. a huge lawsuit that accused news corp employees of hacking phones of celebrities and crime victims. cash settlements are described as substantial. >> malala is out of the hospital. she's the pakistani teen shot in the head by a taliban gunman for speaking out for girls' rights. the 15-year-old underwent surgery last saturday to repair her skull. a day later, she was awake, talking with family members. whys at queens hospital in
12:38 pm
birmingham, england say they are pleased with all of the queens hospital in birmingham, england say they are pleased with all of the progress. and in the bull's-eye of the blizzard, described as a historic massive, mobile recopo record breaking storm, taking aim at the northeast. here's a look at the states in the path. in massachusetts, all vehicles ordered off the road. public rail service shutting down at 3:30. public works department has sand trucks, 600 snowplows all ready to go. storm could dump more than 2 feet of snow on boston. let's take a look at connecticut. people stocking up on food, supplies. the governor bringing in extra crews from out of the state to help with any kind of power outageses. you have the north metro rail lines. they'll be shut down if the winds get above 40 miles an hour. you'll want to watch for that. connecticut national guard has now moved equipment into some staging areas. you have parts of connecticut could actually be getting record
12:39 pm
breaking snow. let's go to new york here. mayor bloomberg says the timing of the storm could actually help. some of the crews there trying to keep those streets clear. amtrak, canceling some of the train service out of penn station. you'll want to watch for that. northbound service shutting down after 1:00 in the afternoon. storm could dump as much as a foot of snow on new york. the blizzard going to create dangerous whiteout conditions from new york to maine. want to bring in jennifer delgado at the weather center. you have a big job ahead of you. >> i'm telling you, absolutely. it is huge, you're right. and we will be tracking the storm as we go through the overnight hours. as we look at the radar, we are seeing rain out there, but notice for yourself, we are seeing some snow. i want to point out to you, for new york, i know we've checked in off and on live. we're starting to see the rain mixing in with some sleet. that is going to change back over to snow, new york. we are expect building a foot of
12:40 pm
snow there. and for areas like hartford as well as into providence, snow for you and the same for boston. later in the day especially evening and overnight hours, the snowfall is really going to blow up, because we're still waiting for these two storms to merge. as they do, this is what will create the tremendous amount of snowfall. we're talking in some locations we could see a historic amount. but we're also talking about blowing wind and as we go later into the evening into the overnight hours, that's where we'll see the greatest chance for blizzard conditions to develop. and that means you do not need to be on the roadways. it is dangerous. it's dangerous for officials and first responders to go out there. as we take you through saturday, by about 6:00, that storm system will be pulling away from the coastline, but we're still going to keep some ofs the winds around ranging 40 to 50 miles an hour. want to point this out to you. we have new information in from some of our models.
12:41 pm
it now looks like for boston 21 inches and for providence, 18 inches. so now we're saying 2 feet or more of snowfall now that we get closer to the event, we can get the models in better agreement. we'll send it back over to you. but keep in mind, that blizzard is going to be developing and that means people need to pay close attention and stay on which the roadway. >> okay, we're counting on you. we want those updates. thank you, jen. there's also a winter storm moving in to the mountain area of southern california and that is significant because that is where police have the massive manhunt going on. christopher dorner accused of killing three people. he's on a shooting rampage. why psychologists believe that he's actually different than some other suspected killers. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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massive manhunt for a former l.a. police officer continues at this hour. this is a man accused of already
12:45 pm
killing three people, a police officer, an officer's daughter, and her fiance. and police now think that he is trying to settle a score after getting fired from the police department. so the question is, what is going on in this guy's mind? who is he targeting and how dangerous he is? let's bring in elizabeth cohen to talk about his state of mind, is he any different than some of these other killers. clearly there's a manifesto, he states what he wants to do. he wants to seek revenge. >> i was showing this to a psychiatrist who works with a lot of patients like this and he said this a very well organized thoughtful manifesto. i mean, it's horrible what he says, but it's well organized, lots of details. and he said this man is not psychotic. you remember james holmes in the aurora colorado murders who thought he was the joker, other people say god told me to do this, i heard voices telling me for kill. this that is not this man. he's not insane in the way that we usually use that word.
12:46 pm
he seems to have a firm grip on reality. that's very different from a lot of other murderers. >> so specifically what is he saying his intention is? >> his intention he says he wants to get his name back. he feels he was wronged by all these various people in the police department and he says they were corrupt and did terrible things and he wants his name back. and i want to show you an excerpt from the manifesto. the psychiatrist says this man is narcicisstic and grandiose. so he writes the manifesto from himself to america. he's writing it to the whole country which speaks right in to being glarandiose. he says i stuck to my ethics. i didn't need the navy to instill honor, courage and commitment in me. it's in my can dna. he thinks he's been wronged but he is not sigh coal tick.
12:47 pm
psychotic. >> do we know anything about -- we know he served in iraq.coal . psychotic. >> do we know anything about -- we know he served in iraq. navy. is there any evidence it impacted his psychological state? >> i asked the psychiatrist and he said ptsd might have played a role, but he doesn't think it's the major factor here. ptsd patients are often much more impulsive, sometimes are hearing voices. seem much more traumatized. he seems more angry and narcicisstic. >> i imagine these are things that they're looking at very closely in terms of trying to figure out how to negotiate with this guy. it's clear that he's very much aware of the media. he knows how to use television. he knows how to use the media and knows how forget a message across. whether or not it's enough that it's out there and broadcast, that he will now fold. >> right. they'll try to look at what does he want. and he says he wants his name
12:48 pm
cleared. doesn't really care if he dies. he says that throughout the manifesto. he wants people to say you were right. >> all right. elizabeth, thank you. fascinating. we are also following of course the two storms that are colliding to create one big blizzard in the northeast. we'll continue our live coverage of this massive winter storm with reporters all the way there new york to connecticut for massachusetts. [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats. good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here.
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12:51 pm
massachusetts governor deval patrick declaring a state of emergency today as you have the two storms converging. we're looking at boston's fenway park here. keeping an eye on the social media as well. i want to bring in george howell. i went to school in the area. covered a lot of those big storms. they are -- but they're usually pretty prepared unlike some other places. i feel bad for the new yorkers trying to catch up here. boston, they're used to this. >> let's talk about new york. we're starting to see some i-reports come in. i want to show you this video. this is in queen, new york where you can see snow on the ground, covering the ground, coating some of the cars. we're talking about an area that has less traffic than maybe manhattan would have. so you can see the snow on the ground and a lot more on the way i'm sure. it will be a busy day as far as snow clean up. >> right now it's pretty. >> yeah, that's good now.
12:52 pm
but just give it a few hours, maybe it won't be so pretty. maybe it will be sort of a pain. >> what other pictures do you have? >> this comes from logan airport in boston. you cancel thousands of flights, you have a storm like this coming in, that's what you get going into the terminal, empty lines. one of the busiest airports here in the country. >> often on the lines are very long. and when you get stuck at the airport, that is no fun at all. not a good place to be. a lot of people are watching, though, because a lot of people are tweeting, instragraming. they want to share the pictures, but they also are getting ready for what's about to happen over the next 72 hours. >> people are talking about getting ready. one person here says still can't wait to play in fresh snow. so some people are excited about this, others maybe not so much. but our affiliates are also covering several things. i want to talk about what's
12:53 pm
happening inside the stores. people buying up as much food as they can, people who expect maybe they'll be stuck in their homes for some time. so you're starting to see the empty shelves at stores. and also there is video that we have from an affiliate in long island. look at these lines. we're talking about people getting if line to get gas in advance of the storm. just trying to be prepared because, again, when you get so much snow coming in this such a short amount of time, a lot of people will be stuck. >> and you remember that, too, super storm sandy where you had folks literally got panicly and started fighting in those gas lines. because they needed gas. >> and if you see anything interesting, you have any report that you want for pass along, i'm george howell cnn. i'd love to follow it and pass it along. >> no fights. keep it all good.
12:54 pm
all right. thank you, george. also have thousands of flights canceled. making it tough to get it out of the major cities. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues
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12:57 pm
people who live here say fighting this week is the most intense in nearly two years of the civil war there. just today more than 116 people reportedly killed across the country. fighting makes it nearly impossible for people to get the bare essentials just to live. trf i cueed yesterday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. yesterday and i still couldn't get any bread. some people bring their children to put them in the queue on get more bread and others don't get any. people come and fill canisters because they fear there will be a shortage, he says, and that is what actually creates the real problem. >> that is a huge story. we'll bring you more on that in the next hour. we're also following of course winds gusting close to hurricane strength, could soon blow blinding snow through the northeast. we'll have more live coverage of the monster storm trait ahead.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
we're covering intwo big stories. first the storm hitting the northeast. it's wet, cold and it will get a lot worse. and in california, police continue their manhunt for christopher dorner. winter storm might actually help cover the tracks of the suspected cop killer. this is the cnn newsroom. we're getting to these two big stories. weather conditions right now in
1:01 pm
the northeast pretty bad. about to get a lot worse. a massive blizzard about to hit tens of millions of people from new york to maine. potentially record breaking snowfall, powerful winds, flooding along the coast. you got states of emergency declared now in connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts. want to bring in susan candiotti in boston, alison kosik in new york. let's start off this new york. what does it look like? everybody has their cnn gear organization ready to go. >> reporter: it's hailing right now. so it's sort of wet heavy icy kind of snow that really makes you want to sort of walk really slow or you'll slip and fall on the sidewalk like this will. what's happening in new york what i'm hearing is a lot of offices in new york city, they're closing early because the trick is to get everybody home before the blizzard conditions really begin. those blizzard conditions expected to begin at 7:00. that's when you'll see the
1:02 pm
highest accumulations. so, yeah, a lot of workplaces are closing early. the big push is to get everybody out of the city and to do that, extra trains are being added to the schedule. subway systems of course are being run more efficiently because the buses, the subways, the trains, they move 8.5 million people in and out of the city every single day. so a lot of people to move and a lot of people to move in a short time. especially because when the highest accumulations are coming, that's right when rush hour is. new york city wants to seat streets clear so they can get the snowplows through because those snowplows are expected to start rolling at 7:00. >> new yorkers are pretty tough. how are they taking this so far? >> they are a tough bunch. but even after sandy, they are more cautious. i certainly saw the grocery shelves wiped clean last night because you can never be too certain as to what's going to than. gas lines were also forming last night on long island. 20 cars deep.
1:03 pm
so those gas lines were starting again reminiscent of sandy, as well. so you are seeing more caution even though new yorkers are certainly hearty. >> boston of course could get the worst out of all of this. they're used to big snow, but maybe not in big. the governor declared a state of emergency? >> reporter: that's right. and it gives them much blooder powers to issue rulings and that kifr kind of thing. and he also just moments ago issued a statewide ban on cars to get off the road by 4:00 this afternoon. statewide 4:00 this afternoon. a similar snow emergency is now in effect as of noontime today in the city of boston where all vehicles must be off the road except for emergency vehicles. authorities want to make sure that they can get all the proper
1:04 pm
trucks and equipment in place to prepare for the storm. and as you can see, it's coming right at me right now into my face. so the snow is really blowing hard. let me give you a sense of where we are. there's just a dusting now, but the winds pick up from time to time. behind me, and i know you know boston, other people who who have been here, tourists, they know quincy market. that's right behind my shoulder as well as to show you out visibility is starting to get impacted just a bit, we can pan up and see the old customs house there. a landmark here. turned into a hotel now. but you can see where it's getting just a bit harder to see. and even though cars are supposed to be off the street, we are still seeing some go by from time to time. and there are people out here walking their dogs, taking a walk, looking around. obviously before things get any worse. but i will tell you this, the mayor held a news conference a little while ago and he said people really need to get serious about their
1:05 pm
preparations. listen. >> this is a very large and you powerful storm. however, we are encouraged by the numbers of people who stayed home today and who are moving their cars off the street. >> reporter: now remember, patience is the key here. people have to be prepared to stay at home and not be able to go out. they're expecting up to 2 feet of snow, possibly up to 3 feet of snow. i mean, no one really knows how bad will this is going to be. but as you heard him say, a blizzard of major proportions. that blizzard warning remains in effect again until 1:00 tomorrow. coastal flooding until noon tomorrow is expected, that warning, as well. so this is the time where people should already have gotten what they need and just be prepared to stay at home and ride this thing out. >> i don't know how they're going to enforce three hours from now all the vehicles off the road.
1:06 pm
that will be a tremendous challenge throughout the local state there. try to stay warm if you can. i know what that's like when you have the wind coming at you. you're doing a great job. appreciate it. want to bring in chad myers. chad, i feel a little guilty, you and i inside like this. but it's going to get pretty bad, yeah? >> we haven't even started yet. literally this storm is just getting its act together. it's over the warm water of the gulf stream, cold air will come in behind it. what i'm seeing in new york city is a problem. it's just wet slushy, sloppy, a little rain mixing in. but tonight the cold air rips in behind it and it continues to snow. there will be 8 inches of snow on top of that little layer of ice that will form from what's there right now. it's snowing in boston. providence, hartford, the same story p. this entire area, every little spot right through there, has the potential for between 20 and 30 inches of snow.
1:07 pm
it's not going to happen for everyone. there will be areas here, mountains, right through there, the river valley, hudson river valley will not pick up that much. the hills away the hudson valley will have more snow than the valley itself. so here is what's going to happen. we'll mix in a little bit of this rain with new york. and that will limit the amounts of snow for now. so maybe only 3 to 4 inches by midnight tonight. but by the time this storm slides off to the east, the cold air wraps in and changes all of that rain, all of that sleet or whatever the rain/snow mix you're getting right now, back over to a very sloppy and very deep mess. here is the snowfall forecast totals. 21.8 for boston, 18 for providence. i could see some of these numbers being higher especially hartford and providence. i've seen numbers like 22, 23 inches. we only have to get to 27 or so to break that record in boston. i don't think that's out of the question. >> that was back in '78, yeah in. >> and another one in 2003 of
1:08 pm
27.5. i think we'll get above that. there just wasn't much of a blizzard in 2003 as there was in '78. but there was as much snow to move and this will be heavy snow, too. so back bringing, heartaches. if you ever feel yourself just out of breath moving the snow, you have to take a break. this is very -- we call it heart attack snow. just take breaks as you're shoveling this. and it will be blowing at 40, 50 miles per hour. what you shovel will be completely closed off again in 20 minute will. let all of it stop before you get out there. >> and i imagine we're better prepared now than we were back in '78, though. a lot of technology helps us out. it's not something that is as potentially as deadly as you saw decades ago. >> we knew this was coming four days ago. so we prepared people him almost like a hurricane. the european model again, it did a fantastic job forecasting this combination of warm and cold coming together. now, the warm is here a little bit sooner than the cold. that's why it's raining or mixing with rain in long
1:09 pm
islands, new jersey and even manhattan. the warm got here a little too soon for to be all snow. that's great. because all snow in new york city is 25 inches. not going to happen. going to be 8 to 10 or 12. at midnight if it's snowing, it will pile up more than that. but, yes, we knew it was coming. people are prepared. they got gas. hopefully not standing in lines and they need to be off the roads because what's going to happen especially by 2:00, 3:00, people will try to get home, there will be a wreck on the highway in front of them, they'll be sitting there for hours waiting for that wreck to clear. by the time the wreck clears, they're surrounded by 8 inches of snow unable to move and the whole place is a parking lot. winds pick up to 40. you're in a car, blizzard like conditions trying to keep yourself alive. go home now and stay there. >> excellent advice. is there any reason why -- we saw sandy, super storm sandy before, why is that happening again? do we know is this happening
1:10 pm
more often? >> no, just a typical nor'easter. this is exactly how nor'easters happen. cold air comes in from the back side, warm storm runs up. '93, 2001, as they run up the east coast as a nor'easter, they gather strength from the gulf stream and there goes the low right through here. it's a deepening low. hurricane force winds as this low spins here. slows and throws snow back into maine, massachusetts, and then finally by saturday afternoon, it's all over. this is done. other than the wind, this is done. what time is it now, noon eastern, 1:00? so in 48 hours, this is history. it's so far long gone into the atlantic. the u.s. will be done. >> we'll follow every single hour until it is over. thank you, chad. you'll be working hard this weekend. if you're traveling today to or from the northeast, it is time to change your plans. airlines now canceling flights
1:11 pm
already. and we're also following this. as quickly as he appeared, christopher dorner has now disappeared. hundreds of officers are now on the hunt for him. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm totally focused.
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1:14 pm
we're watching live pictures here. look at this, this is fenway park. this is in boston. a snowy day there. next few hours it will get a lot worse. you have a major winter storm about to slam into the northeast creating treacherous blizzard conditions for we're talking about tens of millions of folks. you have the governors of connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, they've all declared a state of emergency. more than 3500 flights now have been canceled. this is just ahead of the storm. here is why. this could be a record breaker. you could see more than 2 feet of snow in some areas, huge drifts, high winds and flooding all along the coast. we are also watching this, the funeral held tomorrow for a teenager who really became a symbol in the fight against gun violence. first lady michelle obama is going to be at that funeral. why? the teen was gunn ened down in park just a week after performing with her school band
1:15 pm
at the president's inauguration. she's an honor student who was apparently just caught in the cross did t crossfire. the first lady is describeded at being heartbroken over this girl's death. and we're also following the snowy mountains of california, that is where police are using armored personnel carriers, snow cats, to search for christopher dorner. you see him there. he's a former police officer, a navy lieutenant, now suspected of killing three people and he is believed to be hiding somewhere in the big bear area. that is where people say they found his torched pickup truck. officers have now been conducting door to door searches. they are tracking footprints from that truck. but the tracks have now disappeared covered by the snow. >> they did lead around in the wooded area where the truck was found. we continued to follow them until we lost them where the ground got frozen. we couldn't continue to track. as it relates to the people in this community, i told you once
1:16 pm
before, our primary concern is to make sure that these folks are safe. we've brought additional resources from other areas in the county to help patrol this area. we're doing everything we possibly can to make these folks feel safe and catch this guy. >> police say dorner is an expert sharpshooter who is seeking revenge on on the los angeles police department after he was fired. want to go live to l.a.. miguel marquez is at a police station in hollywood. i can't imagine what it is like. first of all, these police officers are targeted. the manifesto says they are targeted as well as their families in and out of uniform. so what do they do? are they patrolling or laying low? >> reporter: i think it's fair are to say southern california is on lockdown today. people are scared throughout this entire area. we're at hollywood station here in hollywood. this station has extra security because it was actually
1:17 pm
mentioned in the manifesto. substations and stations have have a security on today. even the famous icon beiic park center is on heavy armed guard because they're not sure how he will come at them. he has said he'll commit himself to and i ssymmetric warfare. it has put everyone on extremely high alert across from san diego all the way to big bear. a huge area, about 100 miles the entire way from one to the other. police officers are so twitchy here, they were protecting a house in torrance, california, lapd. they see a blue truck that appears to be -- that looks like mr. dorner's, and they shoot. it was a 71-year-old woman delivering papers with her daughter. she is recovering from intensive care right now. amazing. >> wow. just so much anxiety, i can only
1:18 pm
imagine. we'll let you go. we have the new york city mayor michael bloomberg now, a press conference talking about blizzard preps. let's listen in. >> winds of 10 to 30 miles an hour, gusts up to 40 or 50 miles per hour. and this com bbination of snow d high winds are hazards for travel. and that's why we remain under a blizzard warning through 1:00 p.m. on saturday. as new yorkers know all too well, high winds can also disrupt electrical service in neighborhoods with overhead lines as trees top he will down, branches shear off trees, and do serious damage. let me just remind you, if you have a tree come down and there's a power line down, don't go near it, don't touch it. pick up the phone, call 311 and they'll tell you what to do and we'll get a professional crew there to remove it. the power lines are dangerous and every time we have a storm like this, or many time, we do have tragedies occur.
1:19 pm
a final potentially hazardous element of this storm is some coastal flooding. it is likely to happen during high tide which will wash up shortly after 7:00 and along the long island sound shores of northern queens and bronx several hours later. the reason it's much later there is the water has to go around montauk and come all the way down long island sound before it hits northern queens and the bronx. whereas the water from the battery comes straight in from the ocean. many of the same communities that were inundated by hurricane sandy's tidal surge are likely to see moderate coastal flooding this evening, likely to reduce the coastal flooding that can be expected in these areas during such storms and people know how for deal with it. if you are -- if your house has been damaged by sandy and still without heat, call 311 and we'll be sure to find you shelter.
1:20 pm
and certainly if you are someone you see has symptoms like uncontrolled shivering or disorientation, that may very well be hypothermia and hypothermia can be deadly. so anyone with these symptoms should get someplace warm immediately. also, please do not use gas ovens or ranges to heat your homes. that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal. now, as we do during all emergency weather conditions, our city has a plan of action for keeping new yorkers safe and we've already put that plan into motion. and i would like to describe a little bit about what our different city agencies are doing. and stress some things that we would ask all new yorkers to do. the first is stay off the city streets. stay out of your cars and stay in your homes while the worst of the storm is on us. that's for your own protection during potentially hazardous outdoor conditions. it is why we've canceled all friday after school activities, including the public school athletic league games, saturday
1:21 pm
classes and activities at public schools have also been canceled. staying off the streets will make it easier for city workers to clear streets of snow so that emergency vehicles can use them. and any vehicles found to be blocking roadways or impeding the flow of traffic will be subject to towing at the owner's expense. and by keeping ourselves out of harm's way, we'll reduce the hazards our first responders have to confront, as well. so double value in doing this. also, there is no need to panic buying gas for your cars. all indications are the gas supply is plentiful and distributors -- deliveries will not be disrupted. tonight what's a good idea? cook a meal, stay home, read a good book, watch a movie, just take it easy. remember, there are a lot of people who will be out there shoveling the snow and starting to plow it to the side and just don't want to get in their way. and also if you're out there shoveling snow, be careful, don't overexert yourself.
1:22 pm
this snow can be very heavy snow, very wet snow, and you really can strain yourself or worse. also as i said this morning, it's good to look at consider neighbors who may need a little help getting through the next several days. and if you see someone homeless on the streets or in a public place, just pick up the phone, call 311, this is no night to be out in the elements. and we will send a staff right away to help that person. last night, i did order all department of homeless services staff to double their outreach efforts to protect unsheltered new yorkers and that will be true tonight, as well. and during this high alert period, homeless services staff will check on vulnerable clients every two hours or four times per shift and putting on an additional number of outreach vans in the streets to respond to 311 calls. also please use 911 wisely. only for genuine emergencies requiring a response from the
1:23 pm
police, firefighters or emergency service vehicles. use 311 for all other calls or inquiries to city agencies. we brought an additional 311 call takers to handle what we expect to get the higher than normal volume of call, but if you want to know whether the plow is coming or whether the school is closed, do not use 911. when you do it, somebody with a real emergency can't get through. and they may suffer and hey die. let me walk through what city agencies are doing in response to the storm starting with preparing to clear streets and highways of snow. city of sanitation workers are on a full mobilization and have been since thursday night. they're on -- >> mayor bloomberg getting the city ready. awful the people impacted by the blizzard happening over the next 72 hours, of course we'll give you minute by minute updates on how that's developing. we're also following this story. he is a trained sniper, former police officer.
1:24 pm
now christopher dorner is on the run. ahead, a closer look at his mindset. ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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1:26 pm
>> we're following the storm, this is what we know.
1:27 pm
massachusetts has declared a state of emergency in and it is pace and it is pa anticipation of the blizzard. this morning there are no lines at many of the airports because of the thousands of flights that have already been canceled. >> tomorrow the a.c.t. has been canceled in eight states affected. and boston's mayor, he has a message for the people of his city. stay home. boston, it's one of the cities in the path of this huge winter storm taking aim at the northeast. mayor says folks seem to be following the advice to at least get off the roads. >> since yesterday, the national weather service has increased the snow totals for boston. we're currently under a blizzard warning until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. we're also under coastal flood
1:28 pm
warning until noon on saturday. this is a very large and powerful storm. however, we are encouraged by the numbers of people who stayed home today. >> on the phone, rene fielding, office of the emergency management. having covered the area for years, i know bad weather is pretty common in boston. what's your biggest concern right now? >> we're used to bad weather. right now our big concern is making sure that people are off the roads. people shortly we'll start to see snow coming down 1 to 2 inches an hour. and we'll get into some blizzard-like conditions. and so it will be difficult for people to be out in that kind of weather. and then we'll see really high winds. and so that's really concerning to us because we're going to see drifts up to five feet. we could see damage to
1:29 pm
buildings. we could see trees being brought down. and of course causing power outages. so we really want to make sure that people stay in their homes and they're safe. >> who is most vulnerable right now? >> right now, everyone's pretty much safe. we have public health has been working with the homeless population, they're making sure that they're sheltering them and getting them out to the shelters and calling 911. if you see anybody that is out walking around, call 911 and we'll get someone there to pick them up and bring them to a shelter. >> and we know the power is very likely to go out in some of the areas there. how should people prepare for the possibility that they might not have electricity, they might not have light for days? >> sure. so hopefully by now they heeded our warning and they saw that there was the potential for power outages. so they were able to go to the store and get some food and get batteries for their flashlights and all of that. it's very likely that they could see power outages. of course if they want to report
1:30 pm
that in, they should call their local energy provider to make sure that we're tracking that. and we'll be staying on top of that all night, tracking those numbers. >> i know it's too soon to tell, but some folks are actually comparing this to the great blizzard of '78 when you had thousands of folks stranded. even people who died. give us a sense of how you're prepared now compared to back then. i assume that there is a lot more that you can do ahead of time so that doesn't happen. >> yeah, absolutely. so the mayor has convened us probably into days ago starting with all the city planning. and so public works especially was able to get 34,000 tons of salt in and they're ready. they're ready to clear the streets and all that. they have 600 pieces of equipment out there. we've got the mayor's 4500 number which is a 24 hour hotline where people can call and he has that extra staffed up so that if any resident has a concern or something, they can call in and get an answer to their questions. >> and rene, how should you prepare? how many days should you prepare
1:31 pm
for potentially being in your home either stranded or stuck? >> we always when we go out, we say try to be able to take care of yourself for 72 hours. so have enough water and enough food to get you through that time. and that should be more than enough at this point. >> all right. rene fielding, you've got your hands full. we wish you the best of luck in the next 72 hours. looks like there will be an awful lot of snow. thanks. appreciate it. you heard boston among many of the cities bracing for the very worst. susan candiotti is there. we'll get a live report up next. anyone have occasional constipation,
1:32 pm
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1:34 pm
wow. these are really good. you act surprised. aah! aah! practice makes perfect. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. there are thousands of teens in foster care who don't need perfection, they need you. major blizzard about to hit the northeast. blinding snow, flooding, all threats from new york to maine. 40 million people likely to be affected. boston could get the worst of the storm.
1:35 pm
susan candiotti is bundled up. you could be standing in more than 2 feet of snow tomorrow. >> reporter: oh, yeah. at least 2 feet of snow and possibly in some areas of the state up to 3 feet of snow. that's hard to imagine. you know, one of the things they're talking about, too, is this is just the beginning stages of it. but once all that snow comes in and people starting f going out try to shovel it away, they're saying don't dump it in the streets baut truecause the truc on on come new and clear it out. so patience of course always the key. the winds pick up every now and again. right now it's not so bad but then you get a stronger gust. it's a light but wet snow. it is sticking together. but barely covering the gratssst this point. and we're also seeing people still walking around. a gentleman was here just a
1:36 pm
couple minutes ago, said i'm out to find some food. he didn't stock up yet. but he said he's not worried about it. about the storm, about the blizzard warnings. they're ready to see it through. remember, these emergency warnings are in effect for not only massachusetts, but the surrounding states of connecticut and rhode island, as well. so as you well know, this entire region will get hit and hit strong. >> and susan, looking behind you there, you said there are just a couple folks out there looking for food. have businesses shut todown, ar restaurants still open? >> you put your finger on. that's the problem. he was saying he hasn't been able to find anything open yet. certainly most of the businesses are shutting down early if they haven't already. so trying to find a store that is still open or a restaurant that hasn't closed its doors yet, has now become critical if you didn't already stock up. so you may be eating dry cereal for the next few days, but
1:37 pm
that's why people who live in this, as you know, you know when the storms are approaching that you have some things ready to carry you through the next 72 hours. you just had a guest on there that reminded everyone of that. and so for the most part, you know, you can fill up the faucets with water, make sure you have enough of that. hopefully you have some batteries set aside. hopefully you've got some nonperishable food to get you through the next few days if it comes to that. >> all right. and you might have to eat try cereal for a couple days, too. thank you. appreciate it. a long wait for thousands of flights being canceled today and tomorrow. this is throughout the northeast. when you have diabetes...
1:38 pm
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1:40 pm
so this is what travelers across the country are actually seeing. the words canceled so far more than 3500 flights have been
1:41 pm
canceled at dozens of airports across the country. zain asher is at laguardia. just came from there last night in a mad dash to get out of all that. show us the big board. people are stuck now i imagine, yeah? >> reporter: yeah. air travel right now is pretty much dismal. i'm going to show you what it looks like right now, laguardia. there is a little bit of activity, but that's all going to change as the storm draws closer. roughly around 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, this whole area right here is pretty much going to be a ghost town. that's because as you mentioned, roughly around 3600 flights pretty much canceled up and down the northeast. let me just break down what the airlines are saying. so delta air lines saying that 830 flights canceled. american airlines saying they're stopping all flights in and out of new york city roughly around 4:00. united stopping all flights roughly around 3:00 p.m..
1:42 pm
so that's this about an hour and a half from now. but there is a glimmer of hope because now united and american are both saying that they hope, fingers crossed, they hope to resume all travel roughly around noon tomorrow. so obviously it does depend on just how severe the weather gets, but that's what they're hoping for. and i want to mention that i did speak to one traveler, a couple, saying that they had travel plans to go to mexico. they wanted to get away from the crazy weather and they had plans to leave this afternoon. but they were lucky enough to get them rescheduled. here's what they had to say. >> we were watching the storm approach with some trepidation. we saw the forecast yesterday. we decided that we weren't going to get out of here. >> if you couldn't make arrangements really early, i just would stay home. i hate to be in the airport for two or three days. >> reporter: and i also want to show you one more thing. take a look behind me. both those boards, arrival, departures, completely canceled.
1:43 pm
virtually every single flight canceled. and i saw some people here taking photographs of those boards because it's really something you don't see every day, especially at a huge airport like this. every single flight out of laguardia airport this afternoon completely canceled. >> that poor couple, too. just trying to get to the beach to take a little vacation, a little rest. not likely going to happen. thank you very much. really appreciate it. we're covering another major story, this is christopher dorner, he is on the run, his face plastered on billboards around southern california. why? of course he is wanted. a manhunt going after and targeting cops to kill. we'll take a look at a psychological profile. [ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works.
1:44 pm
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try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align. could be a storm of historic proportions closing in on new england. boston one of the cities in the bull's-eye. could get more than 2 feet of snow. governors of massachusetts, rhode island and connecticut, they've all declared state of emergencies in their states. more than 3500 flights now have been canceled. tens of millions of people are now in the path of that storm. we're also following this, the search of a former los angeles cop, christopher dorner, focusing on the big bear resort area. that is where police say they found his torched pick up truck
1:47 pm
and footprints leading away from it. police are using armored personnel carriers, snow cat tractors to try to search the snowy mountains. dorner is a sharpshooter with military training. he is accused of now killing three people, including a police officer and retired officer's daughter. in his manifesto, he tries to explain and even justify why he's doing this. he's taking revenge against the lapd because he was fired. want to bring in jeff gardere to talk about it. 11 page manifesto. very detailed. he's on a shooting rampage. e seeking revenge. what do we know about what kind of personality he might have, if you think he's mentally ill, or he is just utterly dangerous? >> he is a very dangerous individual. but this is well planned. he's playing it out in a fluid
1:48 pm
fashion. the intel against ligence is th. the rage is there. but this isn't something that just happened one day. i think this was a person with severe personality disorder who felt that everyone was picking on him, who felt that he was a victim. we've seen this over and over again. he had the slow detearer rairio and he snapped and he's over the edge. >> what do you learn from the manifesto where he says he's going to go on some sort of warfare against the lapd? >> at this point, he has nothing to lose. he is declaring war on the lapd. he's very spent on what he wants for do as far as taking out certain individuals. wants to make sure that the lapd is exposed. he wants journalists to investigate this. so he's got a very broad plan. it's not just about killing people. it's about exposing the whole lapd and of course getting
1:49 pm
people to look into his story. again, that victim mindset, that he has been wronged and he's going to make it right. but he's going to do it in a way that no one is going to win. >> so a lot of people feel like they're victims from time to time. a lot of people feel like they're arrest gets of racism or fired unjustly. what is the difference between this guy and a lot of other folks who don't go on shooting rampages? >> and that is the point. many of us have been wronged in our lives. we know racism is real. and i don't doubt that some of these things have happened to him that he talked about. however, it's the way that we handle it. it's our ego system. the way that we perceive the situation and the way that we try to solve it in an appropriate manner. this person operates strictly from the id, strictly from rage. if we all behaved this way, our society would disintegrate.
1:50 pm
>> so how do you advise the cops to gesh yat with thnegotiate wi convince him to turn himself very, very difficult. i know reverend jesse jackson has offered himself as far as trying to negotiate, but this person has already killed. the damage has been done. his plan has been set into motion. he knows that he does not want to live through this thing, so he's been successful in that, just by itself. i would advise the police, yes, try to negotiate, you want to preserve life, but i think the lapd knows that at this point they're going to have to take him down. >> he's not likely going to survive this alive, yeah. >> i don't think so. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. the other story we're covering, the weather. the governs of connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts declaring states of emergency ahead of this huge blizzard that is heading their way. we're going to take a look at some pictures that folks are sharing, social media sites up next. 50
1:51 pm
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we're keeping an eye on social media as the storm bears down in the northeast. george howell is following all things twitter, instagram. >> all atwitter. >> iphones, all that stuff. people are worried but have a good sense of humor about it as well, right? >> i think right now it is a matter of watching a storm come in. we have ireports already. want to show you videos of this. one ireporter in queens took this video.
1:54 pm
see the snow coming down. pretty sight there, starting to coat the road, yeah. different than what you would see in manhattan. more traffic there, less traffic right there in queens, so we can see the snow on the road, coating the cars. give it a few hours, may not be quite as pretty. >> the snow is really light there. how are some other folks preparing? >> well, you know, we're also starting to see other pictures. i want to show you this image from boston, from logan airport. look at that. so when you cancel thousands of flights, suzanne, and you have a storm like this coming in, that's what you get. have you ever seen that at logan, one of the busiest airports in the country. so that's definitely an interesting sight from instagram. this is an ireport, an image, an ireport, that's what we're seeing at different stores. people went to the stores in advance of the storm, they got food, water, everything like that, just to be prepared in case they're stuck in their homes for some time. >> no bread. why do people always run for the bread? i don't know.
1:55 pm
i got something else. some fried chicken. >> there you go. i would watch out for that too. people have to get as much food as possible. want to show you also from our affiliates, they're covering the same thing. people are buying up food, trying to get ready for the storm. and also at the gas station, suzanne, you were talking about this a minute ago, when a storm came through the last time, fights at gas stations. >> oh, yeah, that's right, in new york. >> no fights at this point, but look at these lines. that's -- >> already people were, like, kind of anticipating. that was video taken overnight. people still preparing, getting ready for the storm. and i want to show you, or talk to you about what people are saying online. one person reached out to me to say no fights, just people helping people. friends helping friends. that's good. in response to the fights. >> let's hope that doesn't change. couple of days, give that a little time, that might change. >> and i want to read this to you. six inches of snow in portland,
1:56 pm
maine, as of 1:00 p.m. we haven't seen the main event yet. so people know that this is going to be a big storm, they're expecting, you know. >> they know it's coming. >> they could be stuck in their homes. >> hopefully won't be fighting over anything, including the fried chicken. >> i would probably get chocolate or something. >> yeah, stock up on chocolate. chocolate more than bread. >> fried chicken. >> yeah, you know. thank you, george. 14 million people are in the path of the blizzard that is just beginning to hit the northeast. we're going to have the latest on the potential impact from new york to maine. e to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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actor hugh grant among those receiving phone hacking sett settlements today from rupert murdoch's company, one of many celebrities, news international folks who actually received those settlements. not going to go to trial. actually received substantial damages. suit stems from a widespread scandal involving the hacking of celebrities, politicians and others by murdoch tabloids. somebody hacked into private e-mails of the bush family. secret service, they want to know who did this. investigators not saying much yet. but a bunch of private family messages, photos, phone numbers, popped up on a gossip website last night. one of the private family pictures shows former president george h.w. bush in a hospital bed where he recently spent several weeks. "cnn newsroom" continues now. that's it for me. now with brooke baldwin.


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